About Pauline

Pauline Field created and served as a Commissioner for the City of Glendale Commission on the Status of Women and was appointed to the City of Glendale 's Charter Review Committee. She has served on many nonprofit Boards, and is a consultant, executive coach and the former COO of International FieldWorks, Inc., a global management consulting agency.

Pauline is widely published on business practices and management skills and has appeared on a number of radio and television shows. She is an ambassador for World Leadership Day in the United States of America; and is the Founder and Chair of Fifty-Fifty Leadership, a nonprofit organization promoting women's equal leadership. She also is responsible for publishing the organization's monthly e-magazine, The Equality Standard.

Radio Interview
Keilayn Greenwood talks with Guest Pauline Field who says "Women and men are equally capable as leaders, but women have been trained to be nice.  Being nice can take us only so far then it trips us up." (click here for video).
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