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Coaching Services


  • Initial commitment of three months
  • Initial session up to 4 hours
  • Bi-monthly sessions 2-3 hours each
  • Phone coaching weekly, except weeks with longer sessions

Team Building

  • Program can be built to take place at lunch time, ½ day, off-site retreat of 1-5 days.
  • All team building programs are customized to your needs

Leadership Development

  • Spin potential stars into real leaders
  • Initial program of three months
  • One hour per week

Your Daily Nugget - 10 Minutes of Pure Gold

No time for an hour of coaching?

A daily check in for up to 10 minutes can get
you on track, and help you stay there.

  • Get clarity on something you are confused about
  • Set goals
  • Get ideas on how to deal with a difficult situation

Ideas of How You Might Want to Use Your Daily Nugget:

  • Manage stress
  • Figure out how to speak up at work
  • Buy a home
  • Create an exercise plan – and stick to it
  • Create an eating plan – and stick to it
  • Create a spending plan – and stick to it
  • Figure out what work/life balance means to you
  • Get your priorities sorted out
  • Whether to start a business
  • How to get the most and best business advice for the least cost
  • Talking to and negotiating with vendors such as utilities and healthcare provider
  • … and a million other examples

How the Daily Nugget Works:

1. Pay $50 for the first week
2. Email Pauline@Coach4Women.com with your preferred time, and 2 other times you are available, starting at least 2 business days from the date of your email. 10 minute time slots are Monday through Friday. All are Pacific Time – so if you are in another time zone, adjust the times accordingly.

Available times (choose 10-minute slots):

5:00 – 5:30 am
12:15 pm
4:00 – 7:50 pm

3. Call 818-694-0588 at your time. If you are late, there is no make-up time.

Get Started! Pay $50 for the first week:
Want to Check It Out First?

Email Pauline@Coach4Women.com and request a FREE 10 minute Nugget.

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